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Stuart Pearson is releasing “Dark Americana: Stories and Songs” through Hollywood Trax and Manhattan Production Music.  This collection blends the American Mythos of Andrew Wyeth and Edward Hopper into something dark and foreboding.  It’s full of dreamy tremelo guitar, banjo, dulcimer and fiddle.  Clanging metal and footstomps frame his ominous baritone in a blend of country-folk, film noir ballads, bluegrass and psychedelia.  A rusty, creeping sound; haunted and haunting. 
"Don't Panic" - an outtake from "Dark Americana" has been released as a new single as of May 13th!  You can hear it now at Spotify
or at any favorite streaming site!
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"These two songs are def. unique.  I love  'I Spoke To The Devil About You' . So fresh... and I'm not even sure what you'd call it but since it's dark and foreboding... I'm calling it Alice Cooper visits a dark and smoky cigar bar in the deep part of New Orleans." (Ryan Moomey KSOI FM (Iowa)


"I absolutely love both these tracks!" (Brian Lee, On The Horn Radio, Hartford)

Stuart Pearson - I Spoke To The Devil Ab
Stuart Pearson - Rise and Fall
Stuart has placed songs in several Hallmark movies, Including three in Mariah Carey's "A Christmas Melody," as well as placements in "The Dr. Ken Show" and "Beverly Hills 90210". 
Stuart has recorded seven albums, one of which is a recreation of a 1968 AM radio broadcast. The album, "Uncle Fuddy" is nominated for Novelty Album of the Year by the Just Plain Folks organization.
With "Dark Americana: Stories and  Songs," Stuart returns to his darker side, playing music with roots that span a century.
Stuart has been an active performer / composer in Los Angeles.  His band "Through the Woods" was voted Band of the Year by the National Academy of Songwriters in 1995.  Using 19 instruments onstage, what they played would now be considered Dark Americana.
Stuart became the composer of incidental music for the Disney Stores for several years, as well as composing and recording several internet commercials (such as a cell phone orchestra performing  "Ode to Joy" in an early viral video for T-Mobile).
Stuart performed on the Taste of Chaos and Warped Tours using a wind-up monkey banging a cymbal, a Slinky, a toy piano, hurdy gurdy, accordion and various toys to perform hip hop and heavy metal songs.
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