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To begin your journey into the
Mineshaft Rabbit Hole
and get a FREE download of
the 2023 mix of

"The Red Motel,"

enter your name and email
below and click

(Even if you are already a
newsletter subscriber,
this is necessary to trigger
the specific 4-day email thread.
Make sure to also click on the
confirmation email you receive
for this journey!)

You will be taken to 
level one
of the 
Mineshaft Rabbit Hole.
Your journey to level two
begins the day after you reply
to the confirmation email
in your inbox.
Check your spam folder
if you don't see the email in your inbox.

You will then receive
one email per day 

for four days. 
These emails will lead you through 
the tunnel system of the
Mineshaft Rabbit Hole 
and lay before you
the mysteries of


music videos
behind-the-scenes looks 
alternate takes
and quandaries
to make you

Discover the twisted, seductive dangers of "Mojave"


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