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American Gothic reviews and interviews

Dancing About Architecture magazine
by Dave Franklin

"Stuart Pearson doesn’t just make albums; he builds alternative musical worlds. Worlds which seem to border our own in places, not just geographically but chronologically too. His musical hinterlands are populated with fallen heroes and failed explorers..." click for more

Voyage L.A. Magazine
"The music I make these days is on the dark side. Dark Americana is sort of the evil side of Yeehaw. It tapes black and white photographs of various impending dooms on your refrigerator. I just released my third of a series, called "Dark Americana 3: American Gothic." click for more

Sleeping Bag Studios
by The Luminous Jer

"I’ll definitely be the guy to tell ya I love HOW he writes.  The words he chooses, the imagery he creates with his lyricism, the way he bends his syllables to suit his artistic desires, his…wait a second – what in the all-hell was THAT? ..." click for more

Stereo Stickman magazine
by Rebecca Cullen

"Melodramatic and distinct in its creativity and poetic scene-setting, the album presents a series of stories, melodies and grooves that manage to feel both familiar and completely incomparable..." click for more

Indie Italia 
by Sonia

"In the age of digital music and endless playlists, Stuart Pearson's "American Gothic" stands out as a complete work, an album that must be listened to from beginning to end to fully grasp its beauty and depth." click for more

The Static Dive
by Bob Smith

"Continuing the gothic mythological precedent set by the first two records, the eleven-song set lives in an ethereal world in which the living and dead pass freely, and purgatory is just one wrong turn away." click for more

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