Mojave – Stuart Pearson

by Dave Franklin - Dancing About Architecture

Country music might be seen as the beating sonic heart of America’s musical heritage but it is its younger and more eclectically evolved sibling, the one aptly named Americana, which really captures the complexity and conflicted nature of the place. And if there is an album that wonderfully explores the dark underbelly of the American dream, it is Mojave. click to read article

Stuart Pearson Goes Dark & Deep in Mojave

by Bob Smith -The Static Dive

Stuart Pearson’s early life took him from the suburbs of Long Island to the rural Midwest and then back East to the concrete jungle of Manhattan. As a child, music was his escape and catharsis as he battled epilepsy.  click to read article

Mojave by Stuart Pearson // Album Review - UK

By tanbay

If you’re into Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen or Johnny Cash, then I invite you to check out the brand new album by Stuart Pearson called ‘Mojave’.

Before I even start reviewing this album I have to say that I always check out the online presence of each artist I listen to, in order to get a sense of how serious they are about their music and... click to read article


by Red Music


Stuart Pearson’s Dark Americana music seems to fit in with just about everything, whether you’re enjoying your favorite drink at a bar, driving your car, having a deep thought or ... click to read article

ALBUM REVIEW: Dark Americana: Stories And Songs by Stuart Pearson
by TheFaulknerReview

Stuart Pearson is a singer and songwriter originally from Long Island, NY, who took to the craft of songwriting from a very early age. As a child his summers were spent on his grandfather’s Wisconsin farm where he was fed a diet of 60’s Midwest country music; Johnny Cash, Bobby Gentry and Charlie Rich. This earthy style of songwriting seeped into his bones... click to read article - Stuart Pearson - Mojave - UK
by Rebecca Cullen

An artist of impressively poetic roots and immersive musical heights, Stuart Pearson has released a multitude of original projects in recent years, not least of all the superbly creative, dark Americana album Mojave.    click to read article (translated from Italian)

Stuart Pearson "Mojave" - Country dark from the depths of the desert.

by Emanuele


"Mojave" is a strong country, with dark, dark atmospheres, in which converges a great musical research. The album is composed of a considerable amount of instruments and the tracks are susceptible to interesting stylistic variations as evidence of an eclectic ...  click to read article - Stuart Pearson – Rise And Fall

Indie Folk, Folk, Americana

Stuart Pearson echoes the voices of the voiceless on his Southern gothic folk number Rise And Fall.    click to read article

IndieX - Stuart Pearson - Mojave - UK


Stuart Pearson releases a brand new 10 track album titled "Mojave"

From the moment the album opens with "Like A House With Broken Windows", you immediately know you're in a for a unique ride, thanks to americana/folk inspired soundscape that overwhelms you with a... click to read article

Stuart Pearson convinces with new album 'Mojave' (Audio) (TIP!) [ Folk Rock | Americana | Rock ]

by Philipp Gottfried


With his new album Mojave, the us musician, singer and songwriter Stuart Pearson presents a work that could convince especially lovers of rustic and handmade, "honest" guitar music. Originally from Long Island, the u.s. artist developed, ... click to read article

A dark mystery - Mojave - the new album by Stuart Pearson

Mojave - a dark mysterious album - released by Stuart Pearson on 10/29/2021. Be curious and dive into his mysterious world with us.

by Lina - BandUp (Germany)

Who is Stuart Pearson?

Since he was seven years old Stuart Pearson played the family piano in Long Island. The 60s influenced him a lot, so he was particularly fascinated by Johnny Cash and Charlie Rich and wanted to follow in their footsteps. Together with four others, Stuart Pearson founded the band... click to read article



By Indiechroniquedaily    France  (translated from French)

Departure to Long Island to discover an artist with a unique vision. Stuart Pearson is our surprise of the day with his Folk-Pop album with experimental touches "Stories and Songs". If you need to get away from it all, this project may just give you the motivation and energy...   click to read article



By the-further  Germany

Today we invite you into a few minutes of musical break that will accompany your week the best way possible. Indeed, Stuart Pearson’s album “Mojave” is a delight thanks to its creativity, but also undeniable quality.    click to read article