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By the-further 


Today we invite you into a few minutes of musical break that will accompany your week the best way possible. Indeed, Stuart Pearson’s album “Mojave” is a delight thanks to its creativity, but also undeniable quality.

Originally from Long Island, Stuart Pearson has had music in his soul since childhood. His sensibility and story made who he is an artist, as he is capable of offering a wide and eclectic musical palette that will not leave you indifferent.

He takes you on board with “Mojave”, a 10-track album that does not suffer from any fault of taste. Inspired by Folk (‘Like A House With Broken Windows’), Rock (‘Down The Ravine’), but also by hints of trip-hop (‘You Don’t See Me’), the opus is incredible from start to finish. You will be transported into sounds and stories, into Stuart Pearson unique creativity and outstanding artistic vision.

We can feel that his music comes directly from memories, personal experiences, that he turns into poetry. The flawless instrumentation and realization perfectly complete Stuart Pearson’s surprising vocal performances, between singing, spoken words and some whispering moments.

Dive into the splendid “Mojave” right now


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