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Stuart Pearson’s Dark Americana music seems to fit in with just about everything, whether you’re enjoying your favorite drink at a bar, driving your car, having a deep thought or shaking your dust off on the dance floor.

When we first heard Stuart Pearson’s music, we knew he was a master of songwriting and record production. He has a voice that is deep and smooth as butter, and he plays more than a dozen instruments, as well as found percussion like bath tubs, pots, pans, and big sticks.

“MOJAVE” is a great-sounding album that makes you wonder what kind of techniques and microphones were used in this record. This music is dark, and it seems that the darker the song is, the better it is. It’s easy to pick up the lyrics without looking, they are catchy, and it doesn’t take much time to find meaning with your interpretation. Pearson is a mysterious man with his own creative thought that should probably be kept secret because it’s a good thing that some things cannot be recreated.

Few words from Pearson about the record: “MOJAVE was recorded over the last 18 months while in quarantine. It’s a labor of love and fear.”​

We fell in love with some songs from his previous album as well, but here are three favorite songs from “Mojave” handpicked by RED Rock Magazine’s staff:

“Down the Ravine”,

“The Interstate” and

“Tomorrow’s Gonna Hunt You Down”.


Do you like or dislike surprises?

PEARSON: “Well, you can’t have an honest laugh without a surprise and you can’t give an honest scream without a surprise, so yes, I definitely like surprises. Maybe that’s why nature gave us peripheral vision – to catch the surprises.”

What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve done in your life?

PEARSON: “Maybe the time I decided to spend every penny I had to visit Egypt. I ended up spending my birthday in the Great Pyramid in Giza, lying in the scarcophagus of the King’s Chamber while a guy channeling the Apostle John shouted at me in Greek.”

What’s the weirdest dream you ever had?

PEARSON: “Most of my dreams happen in one of three houses that don’t exist in the real world. The dreams tend to be fairly mundane, talking to people mostly, but I know I’m dreaming because I’m in one of those houses.”

What book you’d suggest to fans of your music to read?

PEARSON: ”Breakfast of Champions” or “Mother Night” by Kurt Vonnegut. Also a great one I read last year was “In Montparnasse” by Sue Roe – I’m a geek for the Surrealist movement in early twentieth century Paris.”

What are five things you can’t live without?

PEARSON: “1) things I don’t understand 2) seeing that first hazy glimpse of a new song 3) the weird, random glitches in the Matrix we all live in 4) chocolate 5) cheese.”

More from Stuart Pearson

If you’re enjoying “Mojave”, we highly recommend to check out his previous full length album titled Dark Americana: Stories and Songs on Spotify.

There are other players in the Dark Americana field, but we’re confident that Stuart Pearson stands out from the crowd, and he’s great in his craft.

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