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IndieX - Stuart Pearson - Mojave - UK


Stuart Pearson releases a brand new 10 track album titled "Mojave"

From the moment the album opens with "Like A House With Broken Windows", you immediately know you're in a for a unique ride, thanks to americana/folk inspired soundscape that overwhelms you with a simplistic, yet engaging range of instrumentation, that includes complex banjo and other radiating styles of string instrumentation. 

The album doesn't only take influence from just 2 genres, it takes it's ideas from an incredibly wide range of musical styles which showcases Stuart Pearson's ability to be open, diverse and creative as an artist.

Each track is different from each other, hints of unique Gothic Country are introduced especially in the tracks "Are They Digging Your Grave (or are they digging mine?)" which features a very cinematic narrative and truly action-packed soundscape, and "Down The Ravine", that may only be 2 minutes long, but is definitely a very integral part of the album.

One of my personal favourite tracks of the album is "The Interstate";  it's surely to be unlike anything you've heard before, no matter what you would define your music taste as, you'll definitely be intrigued and enjoy this track. A bouncy bassline acts as the structure of the track, and a variety of funky instrumentation adds so much depth and complexity that you could never lose interest.

The track that follows "The Interstate" is "One Cut" is a very laid back, easy listening, acoustic based song featuring female vocals from Hunter Lowry. It's conjured with a very hymn-like chord progression, making it have a nature filled with warmth. 

The wordplay and narratives of each and every track is very atypical, they tell mini stories, it'd be the perfect soundtrack for a movie!

The 2nd to last track, "Tomorrow's Gonna Hunt You Down" the introduction of powerful electric guitar to the traditional like soundscape is very juxtaposing and contrasting to each other, bringing an awe-inspiring modern twist to Stuart's usual style.

There's an incredible burst of energy towards the end of the track, with amazing fast paced string instrumentation leaving you energized and ready for the upbeat finale track "Dance Skeletons Dance" It leads on seamlessly from the previous track, and the vibes are genuinely immaculate. It forces you to sway along to it's infectious sound and immerses you with it's depth and live-feel first class production. New elements are introduced constantly, you'll never get bored of it! It's a must listen, for any music lover.


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