The Third Dark Americana Album

We're currently working on the third installment of the Dark Americana series - the tentative title is "Carnivals". As things progress and change, I'll add new things to this page.  Stay tuned!

04/11/22 - Several new songs for "Carnivals" are progressing, although they are being very fussy about their clothes.  We just came back last week from a week of shooting video in the Nevada desert for several videos.  Right now, we're working on videos for "Down The Ravine", "You Never Really Know", "Like A House With Broken Windows" and Hollywood Trax hired us an intern to get a video going for "The Perfect Storm" from the first Dark Americana album.  Here are some shots from the video shoot:

kilroy navy plane_edited.jpg
cowboy walking toward area 51.jpg
kilroy toward plane.jpg

02/24/22 - When I was young, my family would spend all our summers on my grandfather's farm in Arlington, Wisconsin. My mother grew up on that farm.  My father asked for my mother's hand on that farm while he was an Ensign and my mother was a WAC during World War 2. 

For a kid from Long Island, the trip through five states in our family station wagon was pure adventure.  The trip took three days back then - the five of us would sleep in the station wagon, once dad found a big truck stop to park for the night.  Mom and dad would sleep in the front seats and my brother, sister and I would jam ourselves in the back, flipping down the back seat to make just enough room for us.  I would look out the back window at the large parking lot lamps and listen to the large semi trucks drive in and out and past the truck stop; the high whine of their engines getting lower and quieter as they drove away.  It was probably not everyone's happiest memory, but to me it was magical.

Once we reached Wisconsin, we would stay on Grandpa's Wolff's farm (my mother's maiden name), Along with being a farmboy for a couple months each year, a big highlight was also the carnival that would set up on my Uncle Gordy's land every year in Madison.  Along with rides that are still seen in parking lot carnivals today, there was also a sideshow, with those incredible painted warnings on canvas, detailing the horrors of nature and man inside for $1.  I never had the guts to go into the sideshow (and knowing my protective mother, she probably wouldn't (or didn't) let me. It haunts me to this day; what was in that tent?  Was the gorilla man/beast real?

As of now, "Carnivals" is about that period of my life - when everything was bursting with wonder and danger. I expect the new album to be complete in late 2022 and will hopefully give you the willies.  For now, have a listen to "Where Are You", which should give you a hint of what's to come.